Open Mic

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Please read the following:

Our goal for the Open Mic evenings is to provide an outlet for musicians within the community to come together and share in talent. Whether it’s playing a guitar instrumental or doing just vocals on a karaoke base. We encourage all levels of performers, from novice to expert, to sharpen their skills in front of an audience. This is a family event and we ask that you keep your songs free of sexual vulgarity. Please note you will be unplugged if you cannot abide by these guidelines.

  1. Performances begin at 19:00. Closing time is 23:00.
  2. Time slots are open now, sign up through The Handle Bar contact details: or 081 469 3166. Please state your name and songs you will be performing.
  3. Each time slot is 15 minutes total, so that may include 3-4 songs.
  4. We will provide some equipment (sound board, speakers, mics, cables, electric guitars, drums, backtracks). To make sure what you need is on hand, plan on bringing what you will need.
  5. When you are next, be ready. Instruments out, tuned up, ready to take the stage.
  6. Perform material you are comfortable with. We don’t expect perfection, but its always best to be as prepared as you can be.
  7. BE CONSIDERATE OF THE OTHER PERFORMERS. Please be quiet and show respect for the performers on stage. Do not play instruments while performers are on stage. Applaud for everyone.
  8. Please stay for the performers after your time slot. They enjoyed your set, stay and enjoy theirs as well.
  9. Be respectful to the venue and the equipment, as if it were your own.
  10. Thanks for being a part of this great opportunity!